Now what do I do?

I made this quilt top yesterday. It follows a pattern called "Around the World", I was so excited to try something new, and to use fabric that has been in my stash for the last decade, that I never measured how much fabric I really had. I thought I had enough, but halfway through I realized that I didn't! I was already past a lot of the cutting and stripping, so I decided to still go for it, on a smaller scale. Now I have to figure out if I want to add some fabric to the edges, but it might look a little funny, or try to finish it as a table runner. I have a little bit left of 2 of the fabrics I already used (on the left side of the quilt top).
The quilt top currently measures 24 x 57 inches.
Any ideas or suggestions???


  1. I'm not a quilter unfortunately, wish I could pass on some ideas here. It's looking great though and I'm sure whatever you come up with will be amazing. Quilting is such an amazing craft, I've always wanted a handmade quilt.


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