Out with the funny names...and a quick intro of my children

I have been using alias names for my children on this blog, for privacy reasons when we homeschooled. But now, since this blog is leaning more towards me, I am questioning that practice. I also find myself putting their real names in my posts and having to correct it. For visitors to this blog that actually know me, how can they quickly figure out who is who?? So...out with the secrecy...and in with their real names.
I am not planning on going to all the old posts, so f you are reading those, you will still see their old names.

Now for the quick introduction of my children:

Princess is the baby of the family. She is 4 and a half, full of life, laughter, always a smile for you, and very kind hearted. She is a princess in the sense that she is very special. She will be the type to get you a blanket if you mention that you are a little cold, or get you a drink if you start coughing...just pure sweetness. She also has this weird thing about her past lives, she started this since she has been able to talk almost. She has a few different stories, but you can hear her talking about when she used to be with a different mom, living in China or Japan and her friends there...and she has an amazing memory, about little things that we have done together (in this life, lol). My Princess is Celeste.

Dragon is my one and only boy. Dragons is something he has been interested in for the last year or so. And Dragon is also what he used to turn into sometimes...He can have a bad temper, but he is also the most affectionate boy I know. He is a day dreamer, and a bit of a clown. He also has a need to be extremely precise, and for others to be that way as well. He is very helpful around the house, but only if I am very detailed in my requests! At the moment, he is into paper airplanes. He is trying to master the best paper airplane design. He has designed a few, with "options" as he calls them! My Dragon is Andre, he will be 10 next month.

Finally, Fairy is my first baby. Eleven years ago, already, I became a mother. What a wonderful adventure! She is the more "responsible" one of the three, being the oldest I suppose. She was a huge help when Celeste was born, having such a gap in age. She is much more quiet than Andre or Celeste, but can shine just as much. She is the more artistic one, interested in art, photography, and a bit of sewing too. She loves to bake, and makes delicious cookies and bars. She is already planning on baking her brother's birthday cake next month. I had picked the name Fairy, because she loves fairy stories, but also because she reminds me of a fairy, delicate, quiet, shy, but so wonderful. My Fairy is Adrienne.