Secret # 2 ~ Honouring your inspirations

Wow! The podcast this past Friday was perfect. Suzie Ridler calls herself an accidental domestic diva and her interview was very inspiring.

The questions this week, to go along with the second secret are :

"What have you always loved? What inspired you? Catches your eye? Makes your heart sing?"

I thought about this most of the afternoon, after listening to the podcast this morning. I had never really given any thought to it before...What inspires me?

For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to beautiful things. What I think is beautiful that is. I think I am a visual person.
I was given a camera in my teens, and loved taking pictures. My father used to have his camera with him almost everywhere he went. His passion was taking pictures of people. Me, I preferred taking photos of places that we visited, or nature.
I have always loved being surrounded by nature. I have come to realize that being in a natural environment helps me "recharge my batteries". It doesn't matter if I am by the ocean, or the lake, on a farm, or walking in the woods, as long as I am surrounded by nature. I still get amazed at the wonders of nature. How intricate or simple a plant can be, how powerful a tree seems to me, even the weather still amazes me, especially storms. Seeing the birds at my neighbour's bird feeder always puts a smile on my face, no matter what mood I was in before!

Nature inspires me. Patterns created by nature, its colours, things that might not get noticed by others, all those tend to catch my eye. So often, I have been asked "why are you taking a picture of that?" or "what exactly are you taking a picture of?"... I usually answer with a smile and depending who is asking, I take the time to show them what I see.

I have posted this photo on my blog before, but I thought I would share it again, because it illustrates what I am saying. This is a photo of dirt, with snow. I just had to take a picture of the patterns the wind, the dirt, and the snow created together. Isn't nature amazing?

Another important and inspiring activity for me is sewing or quilting. Playing with the fabrics, seeing what colours and patterns go well together, trying a new project and seeing it all come together...all these make my heart sing.


  1. That photo is gorgeous. It's so peaceful and zen in its simplicity and color.

  2. Lovely photo! I, too, am inspired and recharged by nature, there is always something new and beautiful to catch my eye.

  3. It is a lovely photo! You see what others can't, isn't that exciting? That is one of the great mysteries of being an artist. I love how photography does this, makes us really connect with our surroundings and look through a different lens.

    So glad you liked the podcast! :)


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