Warm in the kitchen...on a cold winter day

Celeste and I were so cold this morning, coming back from our walk to the library, we decided to do some baking. If you are a regular here, or know Celeste, you might already know that she loves to participate in whatever cooking I am doing.

We started by making banana bread. Same that we made before , but this time without the chocolate chips.

Then, we moved on to making croutons. Following the simple instructions from the More with Less cookbook, I cut up some Italian style bread that was going stale into chunks and sprinkle some olive oil on them, then added a bit of garlic powder and parsley. Place that in the oven at about 325, for around 30 mn or so. They are delicious! I am not crazy over croutons, not like my son is, but these are so good. I have a feeling these will become a staple in this house. They will be perfect with salad or in soup.

Finally I made some stewed tomatoes from canned peeled tomatoes. A few recipes that I have been wanting to try call for stewed tomatoes, but I don't have any. What I do have is a few cans of peeled whole tomatoes, so I put those in the pot, added a bit of olive oil, sugar, salt and pepper and let it simmered for around 30 mn.


  1. Looks so good!! Celeste is too cute, she's a great helper for you.


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