Book Sharing Monday: Black History Month

Black History Month continues for us here with a new book called "Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad" written by Ellen Levine and illustrated by Kadir Nelson.

We decided to focus on the Underground Railroad since we live in an area that was part of it. Our library had several children books on the subject. You can see the selection that we chose and are reading just underneath Serendipity, my blog name.

Henry's Freedom Box is based on the true story of a slave named Henry Brown who mailed himself to freedom. In March 1849, he traveled 350 miles in a box that measured three feet by two feet only.
Here is a small part:

"But the master said, "You are a good worker, Henry. I am giving you to my son. You must obey him and never tell a lie." Henry nodded, but he didn't say thank you. That would have been a lie."

You can read more about Henry "Box" Brown at Wikipedia.
There is also a narrative written by Henry Brown himself available to read online here (I haven't read it myself, so not sure about the content).