Eating Clean - part two!

We have been continuing our challenge this month and are really enjoying the recipes from Tosca Reno. You can see my last post here. Here are a few more reviews of recipes that we have tried from the two eating clean cookbooks.

We are continuing to enjoy the hot cereal mix and the granola that I mentioned in my previous eat clean post.

My husband asked me to make the Spilt Pea Soup (cookbook p.44) to take to work. Split pea soup wasn't on my list of recipes to try! I was pleasantly surprised, while cooking this soup, I thought it smelled nice and after we pureed it (it doesn't mention to do that in the recipe), this soup turned out to be delicious.

Orzo Primavera (cookbook p. 81) was another lunch item that I thought would be perfect for the kids to have at school. The kids had never had orzo before or edamame. They all liked the orzo and the simple dressing in this salad, with its subtle dill taste, but not the edamame. I will try it next time with baby peas instead. I think this salad would be great during the summer, nice and fresh tasting.

The Wild Rice Summer Salad (cookbook p. 88) was delicious! I had never made dressing with toasted sesame oil before, and it gave this rice and chicken cold salad an interesting taste. The kids liked it, but again with picking out the edamame! We all said it could use more vegetables, less rice, but it was still very nice.

We love soup here, so I tried the Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (cookbook p. 52). With the garlic and sweet onion roasting along side the squash, the house smelled wonderful! The soup turned out delicious as well (and inexpensive to make).

For a nice Sunday dinner, we tried the Roast Stuffed Port Tenderloin (cookbook p. 207) with Smashed Sweet Potatoes (family cookbook p.267). This meal was a big hit with everyone. Celeste loved the pork tenderloin, but not the stuffing. She even asked me to give her some, cold, for her school lunch the next day, with some apple sauce to dip! The sweet potatoes were a perfect sweet side dish for this meal. I do not normally like stuffing, or stuffed meat dishes, but this filling was very tasty, maybe it was the apricots...

Another favourite of the kids was the Sweet Potato Oven Fries (family cookbook p.272) and the Turkey Meatballs (family cookbook p.293). I had made the sweet potato fries before and knew to not add the dried oregano or rosemary to them. Celeste in particular loves these fries, but not with the "crunchy little bits on top". Just garlic, salt and pepper, and these fries are gone in no time! The meatballs were also a hit with Celeste. She kept on going for more. They are full of good things for her too, wheat germ, flax seeds, oat bran, so I was very pleased!

If you would like more information on the books or eating clean, make sure to visit my last post for all the links!