Homeschooling decisions...

We have been talking about decisions a lot for the past couple of weeks in our house. If you are new to this blog, let me recap a bit.

Up until this past September, we were a homeschooling family. After moving to a different area of Ontario, we found ourselves without a support group, and unable to make real connections with the few homeschoolers in our area. At the same time, the local public school seemed to catch the interest of the kids, so we all decided to give the school system another try.
It has worked better than I could have imagined. Andre and Celeste both enjoy going to school, and are doing well there. Adrienne is also doing very well in school. But. Yes, there is a But! She is bored. She finds school boring, and she doesn't relate to the other students in certain ways. For example, how she loves her family and wants to spend as much time as possible with us. Another point is how she enjoys learning about new things, and the school kids, from what I hear, don't. They just want to be done with their school work and have time to chat online, go on dates with their boyfriends, etc...
The plan, back in September, was that we would do "after school". I thought we could continue on with the projects that we enjoyed from our home schooling days. I even had a list in a post (here). We have tried, but both Andre and Adrienne are tired when they come back from school. Physically and mentally. They want to relax or go outside to play. We have continued to read, either they read or I read aloud to them. We do more reading, art, or playing on the weekends. We are doing the Journey North Mystery Class right now and enjoying that...just little projects here and there.

So, back to the decisions...

My husband and I have been talking with Adrienne about the next school year. She has said many times that she wants to be home schooled again. That she misses learning and that she misses everything about home schooling!
We had all agreed that all 3 children would complete the school year at the public school, so that means she will be staying until June. She is fine with that (she is much more patient that I am!). We all agreed also that we would take the next 4 months to think about this decision.
Homeschooling just one child, a 12 year old, grade 7... while sending the other 2 to public school. Part of me is so excited, and part of me is feeling guilty. Is it fair to just home school 1 and not all 3 of my children?


  1. did the other two ask to homeschool again too or just adrienne? you'll know when you've arrived at the best scenerio for your family because it will just feel right...good luck alex!

  2. Yup, I agree, what works best is what workd for your family. I am so glad to hear Adrienne will home school again!! Now to get you closer to us again!

  3. oh... what a big decision. I'm with the platts, "you'll know when you've arrived at the best scenario for your family..." << Hugs >>


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