Secret # 5 ~ Committing to Self Focus

I feel like I am repeating myself, but! This 5th secret and chapter was so important and relevant for me. The 5th secret is committing to self focus. I understand how difficult it can be to commit. As women, we might have to break down some obstacles. The author explained for example how artists need to sink themselves into their work completely, but that, as much as it is accepted for men, it isn't as much for women. She also talked about the possible effects on mothers that come from not allowing ourselves a little bit of time and space to commit to our creativity. I have experienced this first hand. I always "feel" better after having spent a little time creating something. It doesn't have to be a long time, and it can be anything. Sewing, quilting, photography, and even cooking, these are all things that I can do to express my creativity.

"Self-fulfilled people have more positive energy available for the challenges of parenting."

How true that last quote is!

The interview with Christine Mason Miller (listen here) had such a clear message for me...JUST DO IT! That was my advice to myself during NaNoWriMo, just sit there and start typing. And it worked! I will follow the same advice for sewing, quilting, taking pictures, anything creative that I like doing.


  1. Often, if I just sit down to work, ideas start to flow. Just do it is a great message.

  2. Thanks for entering my Vision Book give away! I agree, Christine's message was so clear for me, too. In fact, I got some good writing done today b/c of it! :)


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