April is Poetry Month!

I will be sharing some favourite poetry books over the month of April during our Book Sharing Monday, but I also wanted to list a few resources that I found online:

Poetry Idea Engine from the Scholastic website is just like a game, and helps you write four different types of poems.

At Time Warp Trio, there is a quick and fun poetry game called Wordsplosion.

An interesting short article about poetry for homeschoolers, also gives a few suggestions for books.

Poetry in Homeschool made by Jimmie (on Squidoo)

A great article by Karen Andreola explaining the Charlotte Mason way of enjoying poetry with your children

Past issues of Sparrow Tree Square , an online literary magazine for children, where many poems can be read and enjoyed.

Halfway Down the Stairs, another online magazine for children, also has a list of classic poetry.

and lastly, 30 poets in 30 days, a celebration of children's poetry hosted by Gottabook.

It is not April quite yet, but I am looking forward to it!