Book Sharing Monday

"Twenty brave mushers and more than 160 strong dogs traveled hundreds of miles in the worst conditions. The incredible relay took less than six days. Four dogs perished and several others grew lame because of the lethal weather. Yet their struggle saved many lives in Nome."

The Great Serum Race by Debbie S. Miller and illustrated by Jon Van Zyle tells the story of the serum run of 1925 which the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog commemorates every year. It is an amazing real story and this book helped us understand better the struggles of the mushers that were part of the relay to Nome.


  1. This does look an amazing story!
    I've been a bit slow getting my book sharing monday post up today but I have it on my blog now.

  2. We love that book! We read it last year when we did an Iditarod unit! :D


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