Catching up and finishing with the secrets

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women
I had to return this wonderful book to the library, even thoug I wasn't finish. I wasn't too happy about that, but I am planning on taking it out again and re-reading it all. It is one of those books that is definitely worth reading again and again. So much to learn!

Here are the rest of the secrets:

Secret # 9: Transcending rejection and roadblocks

Secret # 10: Living in abundance with positive priorities

Secret # 11: Subtracting serenity stealers

Secret # 12: Planning to achieve your goals


  1. Well the 4 remaining secrets definitely give you something to look forward to :) I'm glad you've been enjoying the book! And I have to say the green's in your March quilt are absolutely delicious!

  2. i'm very interested in getting my hands on a copy and have added it to my "want to read" list. thank you for sharing~!~


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