quilting and sewing

Here is what I have been working on these last few weeks:

This past weekend I helped my aunt with sewing nurse hats. I had learned how to make these this past fall from her, but she was busy after our first meeting and we hadn't met since then. She is catching up on her orders now, and gave me one of them to work on this weekend. My aunt is an operating nurse and has been making these hats for her co-workers for the past three years. Here are the twelve that I made, I didn't think of opening one to show the style, I will try to remember doing that next time!

I liked the fun look of placemats from house of krom so I decided to give it a try starting with one for Andre. It turned out a little funny, I didn't follow a pattern at all, just free-style! I had so much fun anyway that I decided that 2009 would be "placemat year", meaning that for every one's birthday I will make a placemat for that person. Here is Andre's finished placemat he received last week for his 10th birthday:

Another small gift that I gave to Andre for his birthday was a night cap. He had asked for one a few months ago (you can read my post about it: night hat? help!), poor guy..waited all this time! I did finally make a simple hat for him and he loves it! He was sick on his birthday, and kept it on the whole day!

Back to the placemats, I am almost finished making one for my husband. It was a little more difficult, because he doesn't like the scrappy look. I used leftover fabric from my wall hanging and kept it simple. I personally don't like it that much, but once it is done, I hope he will! Here is the top part of the placemat so far, I will post a picture of the finished placemat soon, his birthday is next Monday.

I found a project online that I decided to sign up for. It uses scraps pieces to make a calendar quilt. The idea is to choose a different piece of scrap for each day of the year, making one block per month. At the end of the year, you would have 12 blocks and can put the quilt together. I signed up late but caught up to Valentine's Day quickly. Only to decide that I didn't really like the look of it so far. So the picture below shows what I had done, but I have started taking it apart last night. My new idea is to have a colour theme for each month. January will be blues and whites, to remind me of the cold and snow, February red and pink for Valentine's Day, March might be green for St-Patrick's Day...It will still be scrappy, but I think I will like the look of it better...Anyway, here is the picture of what I had done to give you an idea, and I will share the updated version soon! The left side was January, the right February, up until Valentine's Day.

If you are interested, you can still read about this project here. I also have the button on the left side of my blog.
On that same left side of my blog, you will see a few other buttons for projects that I am taking part of.
One of them is the Doll Quilt Swap 6. I don't have any photos yet, but I am taking part in this doll quilt swap. The group is on flickr and is closed for this session. 175 people are taking part! I should find out who my partner is today. This will be the first time I participate in a swap.
I haven't done anything for the 2009 Advent Calendar Sew Along, besides collecting Christmas fabrics.
The last button is for the 2009 Coin Quilt Piece-along, another flickr group. I haven't committed to this one yet, but I do like the look of the coin quilt, and I want to try making one in the near future!


  1. I love the placemat idea! I have only created one quilt and to be honest, it is yet unfinished (have to do the binding edge yet) though I started it years ago!! My grandmother made quilts for all of us and her grands... I'd love to follow suit but don't have the time. The placemat idea is DO-ABLE... until my kids are grown and I have more time. :D Thank you!!


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