Book Sharing Monday

This week, the poem book I am sharing is called "Monumental Verses" by J. Patrick Lewis, a beautiful book by National Geographic. The book has poems for 16 well known world monuments, such as Easter Island, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Statue of Liberty. In the epilogue, the author shows the location of each poem on a map, and recaps each monument.
You should be able to read the poem of Machu Pichu in the photo by clicking on it, and here is another one that I enjoyed:
"Palace of Versailles
Date : 1661-1710
Location : France
Architect : Louis Le Vau and Jules Hardouin Mansart
Physical Fact : Its Hall of Mirrors is 44 yards (40m) long with 578 mirrors.
A King, who thought himself the Sun,
Reclined in bed and said to Moon,
"If you look after Everynight,
Then I will be in charge of Noon."
And every day Noon came along,
According to the King's command.
His brilliance radiated far,
From peasant field to foreign land.
When later, though the King was dead,
Noon reappeared and filled the sky,
The peasants knew what glittered Noon-
It was the splendor of Versailles."


  1. wonderful
    we have shared our first book today

  2. This looks like a wonderful book, with amazing pictures too!

  3. That look slike a cool book, have to check our library!

  4. It's a fabulous place - love the poem. Thanks for this xxx

  5. What a lovely book to curl up and read when the little one is in bed, thanks for sharing :)
    sue xx

  6. Anything that gives me fodder for travel daydreams is a good book for me :)

    1. This looks like a fantastic book! I am looking forward to sharing my first book this coming Monday. :)


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