Mystery Class Update #10

Journey North Mystery Class Update
Sunrise/Sunset data up to April 6, 2009
Here are our guesses so far for each location:
#1: Cameroon, Africa
#2: Vaud Canton, Switzerland
#3: ?, Taiwan
#4: Mozambique, Africa
#5: Alaska, USA
#6: Koror State, Paula
#7: King Edward Point or Bird Island, South Georgia Islands
#8: Udon Thani Province, Thailand
#9: Adelaide, Australia
#10: Wisconsin, Michigan

Adrienne and I calculated the longitude clues this morning and found many mistakes with our guesses of last week, but we did find a few correct guesses too!

Here are the order of our mystery classes charts this week, as seen on the photo:
The 3 at the bottom of the picture represent the locations west of Greewich, England, farthest away is #5, then #10, and #7
The remainder 7 classes starting closest to Greenwich: #2, 1, 4, 8, 3, 6, and 9.
There is only one more set of clues next week!

Visit Journey North Mystery Class if you are interested in this project, we will participate again next year.