Book Sharing Monday

To continue with sharing my favourite childhood books, that are still in my possession, I would like to show you a Martine book. There are many many Martine books, and they all are delightful.
The Martine series, written by Girlbert Delahaye and illustrated by Marcel Marlier, has been published since the 1950's. I had many titles as a young girl, but only one called "Martine et les 4 saisons" I have with me at this time. I have been collecting over the last few years a few more titles, thanks in part to my wonderful friend in France!
Here are a few pictures from my copy of "Martine et les 4 saisons". This story goes through each month of the year, as Martine receives a calendar as a New Year gift. Each month has an illustration and tells of special activities or celebrations relating to it.

The pictures I took show the cover, the month of February, May, August, and Novembre.
Here is a website for the Martine series (in french): Martine
I also found a list of the titles on Wikipedia : Martine titles


  1. I love those 50s illustrations - everything looked so wholesome :0

  2. Oh what beautiful illustrations :)
    sue xx

  3. Again with the great pictures! I wish I knew a little French :)


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