Book Sharing Monday

The kids and I have so many favourite books that I find it easier to give myself a theme to follow for each month.

This month of May I decided to share a few books that were my favourite when I was a child. My birthday is in a few days so I thought it was suiting to make this "my month"!

I grew up in France so the books are in french, but I hope you will enjoy them anyway, even if you don't speak french. My mother passed on to me the love of beautiful books and art, I hope you will enjoy the illustrations of my choices. I kept the selections based on the few books that I still have in my possession. I was an only child growing up and loved reading, so there are many other favourites, but I don't have the actual books anymore.

"Youkou-Lili et sa nouvelle poupee" by Louise Grant is probably one of my first books. I am not sure how old I was when I received it, but I always remember having it around.

This is the story of Youkou-Lili, a young girl who lives on an island in the South Seas. She spends most of her days playing with her wooden doll, made by her father.

Youkou-Lili even takes her doll to bed and fall asleep with it.

One day, a big sailboat comes to the island and one of the sailors gives Youkou-Lili a surprise, a beautiful porcelain doll. Youkou-Lili plays with her new doll all that day, taking off her clothes and putting them back on again, adding flowers in her hair...

But she can't give her a bath or some sand cakes. She can't put her in the sand house either, because she is too big to fit in it.

Youkou-Lili continues playing with her new doll for the rest of the day, bringing her to the beach to say goodbye to the sailboat and the kind sailor. But at night, she takes her dear little wooden doll to bed to cuddle and fall asleep with.
"Et toute la journee Youkou-Lili etait assise sur le sable et jouait avec la petite poupee de bois que son papa lui avait faite."
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  1. Those illustrations are darling. Sounds like a lovely story. Thank you for sharing. I participated in book sharing too. :)

  2. Oh, those pictures are so cute! That is such a big reason why I like certain books, for the artwork. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That looks like a lovely book :)

    Gina xx


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