Oh MY...that was delicious...

I decided to give Jamie Oliver a try after finding his book called "Jamie's Food Revolution" at Costco. I had a few minutes to look through it while Celeste and her daddy were looking at something else..and I really liked what I saw! So Jamie came home with me! Now I understand Carol :)
Last night, I asked my husband to pick a recipe from the book to try for dinner. We only needed a couple of ingredients. We hopped on our bikes, put Celeste in the bike trailer, and headed to the grocery store. We ended up getting soaked by the rain but had a great ride.
Anyway, this isn't about our bike ride but about the recipe we tried. "Baked Camembert Past".

It was very simple to make and so so so delicious. Not very good for the figure, but so worth it.

First, you need to cut off a bit of the top of the Camembert. Jamie tells in his book to discard that top...hmmm... I discarded it in my tummy (I am french after all, can't waste perfectly good cheese!). Next you slice some garlic, add fresh rosemary and drizzle olive oil on the Camembert. Put it in a small oven safe dish and bake for 30 minutes.

Isn't that beautiful? It smelled even better than it looked! I love cheese...and garlic too.
While the cheese was cooking, I cooked the pasta and spinach, and added a very basic olive oil-Parmesan sauce to it.

The last step is to mix the two together, you could leave it like that and just spoon a little of the melted Camembert onto each individual serving of pasta. We just mixed it right in. I did remove the rosemary leaves, because I knew my kids wouldn't like them much mixed in. They like the flavour, but not the crunchiness.

The final picture. "Baked Camembert Pasta".. not an everyday dish, but oh boy...delicious!


  1. alors là je viens quan tu veux pour partager ce repas !

  2. yum yum yum. Cheese and garlic are my favorites!


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