Ready-for-summer headband

I just made one of these fun headbands this afternoon and now Adrienne is ready for the heat!!

The tutorial at Old Red Barn Co. is perfect, easy with lots of photos. The only adjustment I will make on the next headbands is the width of them, a bit too wide it seems on Adrienne's head...

Here is the link for you : headband tutorial.


  1. j'adore le tissu, ce bandeau a de la tenue en raison de plusieurs épaisseurs de tissu ???

  2. i love it...i'm going to try and do one by sewing machine on the road unfortunately! i'll have to send you some pictures of the ones i knitted for maddy...

  3. rachel: juste 2 morceau de tissu (haut et bas) 100% cotton, je l'avais repasse :) mais oui, il a une bonne tenue!


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