Book Sharing Monday

I am sharing 2 books with you today because I just couldn't decide between them! They are both excellent. I read them aloud to all 3 of my children and they all enjoyed them, along with the illustrations.

First one is called "All in Just One Cookie" written by Susan E. Goodman (the same author that wrote Gee Whiz which I shared here!) and illustrated by Timothy Bush. Through a picture book, we find out where each of the ingredients in Grandma's chocolate chip cookies came from. Her pet cat and dog have their own little comments throughout the pages and Andre thought those were a lot of fun.

From the chocolate page:

"As Grandma sprinkles two cups of chocolate chips onto the dough, a few fall on the counter. "What a delicious pity!" says Grandma, popping them into her mouth."
"Around the world - in West Africa, Indonesia, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic - the pods on cocoa trees grow to the size of footballs. When they're ripe, workers split them open with machetes. The beans inside are cream-colored, not brown, and taste bitter, not sweet at all."

The second book is "Ice Cream : The Full Scoop" by Gail Gibbons. This book explains where ice cream came from, throughout history and how it is made today by taking you through a tour of an ice cream factory.

"In 1841 a woman from New Jersey named Nancy Johnson invented the hand-cranked ice-cream maker, also called an ice-cream freezer. Now ice cream could be made a lot faster just by turning a crank. The ice-cream maker became very popular. It took only one hour to churn the ice-cream mixture into creamy ice cream."

Gail Gibbons has many wonderful non-fiction picture books on various subjects. If you visit her website, you can download two free teacher's guides that use her books. One is called "A Year with Gail Gibbons Activity Planning Guide" and the other is "Explore the World of Science with Gail Gibbons" (for grades K-3).

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  1. What fun books! I really like that chocolate cookie one.
    Also love your new header.

  2. Perfect books for us today--we are in the middle of planning DD's ice cream-themed birthday party and we're baking cookies on yet another rainy summer day here in New England. Thanks so much for sharing!


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