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Before I start my sharing today, I wanted to say a huge WELCOME to everyone that has signed up for Book Sharing Monday over the last few weeks! Please make sure to visit all these wonderful families and read about their book choices, the list is on the left side of my blog. Again Welcome everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a beautiful and very interesting book called "Close to the Wind: The Beaufort Scale" written and illustrated by Peter Malone.

Francis Beaufort developed the thirteen-point wind scale called the Beaufort Scale which is used still today to describe the force of the wind. The book shares the diary of a young boy on a ship in the 19th century, and his reactions to the weather. At the top of each double page, you can see the Beaufort scale level, from 0 (calm) to 12 (hurricane), along with how the sea surface looks, the effects on land, and man-of-war (which the glossary taught me meant warship).

Here is a small section of the boy's diary during a storm:

"The master, who's sailed these waters many times, says it's a hurricane, and that we haven't felt the worst of it yet. There is now no chance of reaching Jamaica, and our best course is to run South-East before the wind, and get ourselves as far as we can from the storm's center."
Peter Malone.

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  1. How Fascinating! I would love to add this book to our collection. You all have the greatest books :)

  2. Close to the Wind looks wonderful. We'll be studying weather soon so I'll be certain to add this to our list of 'must reads'. Thank you!

  3. Interesting book! thanks for sharing!


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