Book Sharing Monday

Adrienne read this book first and recommended it to me. I read it aloud to Celeste this morning and we both loved it. The message is so clear, but with full of Dr. Seuss' imagination. Written over forty years ago, it definitely still applies to today, even more I would say.

"What's more, snapped the Lorax. (His dander was up.) Let me say a few words about Gluppity-Glupp. Your machinery chugs on, day and night without stop making Gluppity-Glupp. Also Schloppity-Schlopp. And what do you do with this leftover goo?... I'll show you. You dirty old Once-ler man, you!"

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  1. This is Gerrick's absolute favorite by Seuss. :)

  2. We really like this story as well. There are so many lessons to be learned from it!

  3. Learned of book sharing monday from sunnymama. I love dr. seuss and thought I'd share today's post
    with you. Hope you and your children will enjoy.

  4. totally can't go wrong with dr seuss! something for everyone in this book! happy reading!


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