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WARNING!! You might not like my selection today...the book is all about urine, but my kids loved it..completely grossed out by some of the things we read in this book, but loved it anyway!

"Gee Whiz! It's all about Pee" by Susan E. Goodman and illustrated by Elwood H. Smith is in a picture book format, with funny cartoon illustrations throughout, but it is a book urine. Filled with facts that my family and I learned for the first time and its uses throughout history, in the animal world, in soap, even how people pee in different countries, different time periods (what happens when a knight has to go??) and even in space (did you know about Mr. Thirsty?).

If you are wondering what this last picture is is the quote from the book that I am sharing:

" American pioneers treated earaches by pouring warm urine in their ears and plugging them up with cloth. Urine really can clean wounds and help prevent infections"

If you are interested in this book and can find at your local library, see if they have its companion, by the same author "The Truth about Poop" (there's even a teacher's guide!).
The author includes an afterword in the pee book, explaining where she found some of her facts, and suggests a few more titles to do your own research: "Grossology" by Sylvia Branzei and "What You Never Knew About Tubs, Toilets, & Showers" by Patricia Lauber (we read this one a couple of years ago, and liked it too). She also mentions a website which lists several links on the history of plumbing.
I promise now, no more bathroom talk :)
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  1. lol potty talk is always a good way to start a Monday morning! Sounds like something we would enjoy! :-P

  2. I have to share this with my sister. She is starting to potty train her 2 year old. I am certain that he would love to hear this story.

  3. OM! Potty talk is all the rage in our house right now! I have to get this book!

  4. My girls will LOVE this book.

  5. I love that they have books like this. What kid wouldn't want to learn about pee??


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