No idea how this one will turn out...

Celeste has been asking for a quilt, after all Adrienne and Andre have each one, and she doesn't...We talked about a spring theme quilt back in the fall, since she had told me that she wanted flowers, green, yellow, and pink in her quilt. I started collecting fabrics here and there for a few months. I was finally ready to start something last month.

Then she changed her mind.

Ok. Fine. It is for her, and I do want her to like her quilt. I did explain to her that she needed to choose from my fabric stash then, I couldn't buy a whole new set of fabric. She looked through and decided that she wanted a purple and pink quilt, and chose the fabrics. I am now following, loosely, the quilt-along at Old Red Barn Co. and I am not sure how it will turn out, since I don't have quite the fabric requirements for the quilt...It should be interesting! Maybe I will get a prize for creativity!

Celeste's purple & pink quilt ~ in progress


  1. I think your purple and pink is going to be terrific and the various fabrics will make it that much neater (yea, I was never good w/ grammer).

  2. Looks like a very nice pattern...maybe something I should try for my son's quilt, which is still in the folded up fabric stage. I'm glad she could find the colours she wanted in your stash.


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