Virtual Quilting Bee ~ Traveling Threads

I am taking part, along with 11 other ladies, in my first virtual quilting bee. Our group is called Traveling Threads and over the next twelve months, we will be quilting blocks for each other. If you are curious, this is how it works:
each person has her own month, mine is November. A few weeks before November, I will organize my chosen fabrics and mail out 11 small packages, 1 to each of the participants, with enough fabric to make a 12.5 inches by 12.5 inches block.
Hilary in California had July for her month, and I just received her fabrics this past Friday. I have the whole month of July to complete her block and send it back to her....but as you can see below, I am already done! It was so much fun to create something with her fabrics. I do have a little bit leftover, so I will try to make another block...
This is going to be a fun quilting bee!

traveling threads quilting bee block


  1. I like that fabric, very nice. Does the lady specify the pattern or does each individual choose?

    I have never heard of a virtual quilting bee...sounds neat. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Tracy!

    This lady didn't specify the pattern, we could do whatever we wanted, but others might specify, loosely, for example they might want stars, houses, or log cabins.


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