What my children are reading ~ June 11 Edition

This week, Celeste is enjoying listening to "Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep" by Jane Yolen. It is beautifully illustrated by Heidi Stemple. It reads like a lullaby, going through many animals and their habitats for the winter. We're not quite at the right season to read this one, but we both liked it anyway!

Andre has been working in his "Dragonolody Handbook" again. He received this as a birthday present (in February), and he picks it up now and again, completing a few more "lessons" at the time. He really loves learning more about these fantastic creatures.

Adrienne is enjoying a few Dr. Seuss books this week, along with continuing Elissa's Odyssey (mentioned here).
This particular title was her favourite, she told me, of the pile she brought back from the library. I can understand why, mixing Dr Seuss fun writing with a earth-friendly message of conserving our natural resources.
I found out there is a campaign called The Lorax Project, you can read more about it here : The Lorax Project .
There are activities related to the book here as well: The Lorax .

Visit The Well-Read Child to read other families posts and their children are reading this week. I always enjoy reading these, as it gives me new suggestions for books!


  1. We are also reading the Lorax though not this week. Here is my post.


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