Wreck this journal ~ Week 2

I have to say first THANKS! to everyone that left comments on my first post for Wreck this Journal last week. It was so nice to hear from other participants, and I enjoyed visiting everyone's blogs to see their destructions, or their thoughts about the upcoming destruction of their journal. You can visit the Next Chapter and see all this week's creative wrecking here.

This past week has been so eventful for us, with the adoption of our siberian husky puppy, Orion

Orion ... catching up on sleep

but I had managed to have fun with my journal and my son at the beginning of the week. Most were done on Monday morning, and what a perfect way to start the week!

Here are some photos from our wrecking this week:

Wreck this journal - week 1


  1. How can you expect us to look at your journal pics when you distract us with the cutest puppy in the world? He's adorable! Journal wrecking looks great fun too - looks like there's some real agression in that scratching and scribbling!

  2. The little kids are really into this here also.
    The big kids are too!

  3. I'm so glad you are having so much fun with your wee ones!!!

    Congrats on the Husky, he's a beauty! Is he named yet?

  4. Fantastic, you did again Alex! I also did the tear the page and kick it as a ball. I loved it and so was my dog. He chased the little ball all over the living room. We were having a blast down here in Melbourne!!! :)

    And I really enjoyed seeing your family joining the wrecking as well. Yippeee!

    Oh gosh, I've always wanted a siberian husky ...

  5. Congrats on the husky! We got one a few months back, and although she's difficult to house train, she's a lot of fun! Love those blue eyes and fuzzy tail! :)

    Btw, I've joined the Wreck this Journal adventure and I'm off to take it for a walk in a few min. Love what you've done so far!!

  6. What great fun! Everyone's in on the action. You're inspiring me to try the golf one. I haven't done that yet.

    And oh, my, Orion is just too cute! I bet he could help you get up to some wreckage!

  7. Love your journal pics! Great stuff! And congrats on your puppy adoption!!

  8. I love all the wrecking your doing - and it looks like you're all having so much fun.

    And of course, cute puppy.

  9. Oh what FUN! The whole spirit of this journey is embodied in the little faces and hands so earnestly into this! It's bringing out the childlike impetuousness in all of us! :)

    And your puppy is so cute! :)

  10. Kids are THE BEST wreckers. It comes so naturally to them! I'm quite inspired by your kids' freedom to scribble. :)

  11. You and your helpers did a wonderful job! Congratulations on the new dog, too.

  12. That's some pretty cool wrecking and a nice puppy, too!! I did laundry yesterday and totally forgot about the laundry prompt. Yours came back pretty nice after laundering.


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