Wreck this journal - week 3

This past week was so much fun with my journal! This time my girls helped out, Adrienne with the circles and the paper airplane, and Celeste with the circles page. We even had our puppy Orion helping us out...I figured out how to get him involved Jamie ;-) You can watch our short video to see him in action!

WTJ week 3

The mosaic above shows many of the pages we worked on this week. Here are what they represent in order from top to bottom, left to right:

1. I added a couple of squirts of my new perfume Flower by Kenzo my mom sent me for my birthday ~ my journal smells lovely now !
2. Lose this page is in the recycle bin, after seeing the suggestion from another participant, I wrote on the back side a list of things I want to let go of.
3. Decorating the edges
4. 4 letter words ~ Adrienne helped out with writing a few, while my husband and son kept coming up with new words
5. fruit sticker collection ~ ongoing!
6, 7, and 8. our circles page ~ Adrienne, Celeste and I did those pages using markers
9 and 10. Adrienne building the paper airplane and flying it
11. I tore the strips on the page and wrote on them
12. Pressed a few wildflowers and leaves found on my morning walk with Orion

A few last pictures from this week..I really had a lot of fun with my journal! Cutting it with some scrapbook fancy scissors, taking it in the shower with me, and trying out every single marker my kids have!! I was able to sort out the dried out ones in the process. Fun and useful :)

WTJ week 3 A

It is never too late if you want to participate in Jamie's The Next Chapter book club, and don't forget to visit all the other creative participants blogs and their work for this week listed here.


  1. Great to see more of the gorgeous puppy Orion as well as some great wrecking! I'm really enjoying doing stuff with my son - we have some great wrecking plans for the weekend!

  2. What a cute cute puppy! Looks like it was thinking, "but you usually tell me NOT to chew things!" Fantastic wrecking.

  3. Alex, you and your wrecking crew are so creative and colorful!
    Wonderful mosaic!

  4. Love that you got the family involved in the adventure!! Keep up the great work:)

  5. J'adddoooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee, je veux le même vous avez tellement eut l'air d'y prendre plaisir !!!!!

  6. I love that this is a family affair!! Plus..you're pages are so pretty!!

    Peace & Love.

  7. love the puppy video! SO cute! and writing things to let go of on the back of the toss out page. I LOVE THIS IDEA! you have been busy wrecking and what a great thing to share with the kids. ciao!

  8. Oooh, I didn't hear about the writing on the Toss Away page before chucking it. I'll have to do that to another piece of paper. That's a great idea.

    I had my cat involved in the chewing portion of my book, too. She loves to eat paper :)

    It looks like you've got a real family wrecking crew on board - great fun!

  9. I love your puppy and his contribution! XXX

  10. How adorable is Orion? You have a team of wonderful wreckers and you're all doing a fantastic job! :)

  11. That is so funny!! What a fun journal you found for the WHOLE family to join in on lol.

  12. Uh oh, poor Orion is going to be SO confused when he "helps" you chew up some library book and you yell :) (he is precious by the way, I bet you couldn't yell at him if you tried)

    Neat how your kids are helping.

    And, how so pretty? Unbelieveable that is comes out looking great. Are you one of those women who never has a bad hair day?!

  13. SOOOO cute! I just want to squeeze Orion. Love all the pics too!

  14. What awesome family fun! I bet you will all remember the summer of Wreck this Journal - even Orion! hehe.

  15. Looks like the Wreck Pro team starring Orion is in the house! What fun!!!


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