A bit of baking...and an update on our homeschooling

Adrienne is at camp this week with the Girl Guides, learning how to canoe. I hope she is having a great time...
Andre and I talked about what he would like to do this week, while his older sister was away. One thing he picked was to bake. I guess this is usually Adrienne's thing, so with her gone, he felt he had the kitchen to himself! He made a list of what he wanted to bake, and even included a couple of drinks to try. He made some root beer floats, and is planning on trying an ice-cream soda too (vanilla syrup, vanilla ice-cream, and club soda).
Yesterday, he baked a batch of German cookies. We call them German cookies, but they are really Pfeffernusse. They are his favourite.

He announced a few days ago that he really really really would like to come back to homeschooling. After trying out public school this past year, he seemed to be the one that enjoyed the system the best, with Celeste in close second. Adrienne never seemed to take to the school environment, and we knew after the first month that she would be coming back home. She started asking after the second day of school, but we all had agreed that they each would stay the whole school year. Anyway, Andre, I thought, would be going back and staying in public school. Now, he tells me that he wants to home school. I have found myself saying over this past school year that if I thought only of their education, all my children would be coming back to homeschooling. The level of education is low in the system, and supplementing after-school isn't realistic. By the time my children came back from school, they were drained, cranky, and needed to just relax.
The issue at hand is that Andre, over the three years that we home schooled, was very difficult. If he didn't want to do something or, if after explaining many different ways, he still wouldn't understand a lesson, he would get frustrated and angry. Many hours during our schoolwork were spent disciplining him, dealing with temper tantrums, books thrown, pages ripped, full out of control behaviour. I had to deal with these issues, at the expense of Adrienne, who would have to wait for me or do her work independently.
I would love to have him at home, but I don't want to repeat these episodes. What I have told him is this: he needs to make a presentation to my husband and myself or write a letter, explaining why he wants to home school and what he is willing and prepare to do to contribute to a peaceful learning environment. I also told him that if he does home school again, I might have to think of writing a contract for him.
He has until August 15 to present or give me his letter. That is when I notify the school board of my intent to home school.
I am not asking whoever is reading this to give me your advice, unless you want to..this will be our family's decision, but I find, I think like many out there in the blogging world, that putting these words down help me process my thoughts.
Another tidbit of information: Andre had never, not once, had an issue at school with his temper. Which is another reason why I thought that maybe the school system was better suited for him.
Celeste is going to attend public school this year, for her SK year. She is going into the french immersion program. It is still only every other day. She likes going to school, but if you ask her, she will tell you that in grade 1 she will be home schooled! I take it one year at a time with our decision to home school, and it has worked well for us that way. I always try to think of my kids' best interest. Now that I have spent one year with them in school, I feel better suited to know our options.


  1. Kudos to you for finding the best fit for each individual. We also take it one year at a time... allowing the kids' interests to lead us. I love that you asked Andre to make a presentation. If he really wants to homeschool - he'll prove it to you.

  2. I think you've given Andre alot to think about. I like the fact that you've given him some responsiblity for his own decisions, his actions and how they affect others. I guess time will tell what the future outcome will be. However, he could simply just be enjoying the summer months of relaxation, freedom, family time, ect. School could quite possibly just seem too overwhelming too consider while he is having so much fun, during his very first real summer off. Have fun, and keep up posted.


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