Book Sharing Monday

I am sharing with you two "how-to-draw" books today with you. The kids and I have been taking part of Sketch Tuesday and this week's assignment was to draw an insect. These two books helped us.
"Ralph Masiello's Bug Drawing Book" is the book on the left in the photo. This is exactly the type of drawing book that my children enjoy, with easy step by step instructions. They do not enjoy yet the more complicated drawing books, so this is perfect. Each page also includes a little bonus instruction. For example, the butterfly page also teaches you how to draw a flower.
The second book in the photo is called "How to Draw Insects" by Barbara Soloff Levy and is part of the Dover Publications. At a very affordable price, this is another easy to follow drawing instructions book.
Both books have more titles and themes in their series, you can visit Ralph Masiello's site or Dover Publications .
You can sign up at Dover Publications for weekly free samples sent by e-mail. These are great for previewing some of their titles, and you can print these samples as well.