I call it a carrot...

Others people might call it a bribe..but I prefer to call it a carrot!

Andre loves playing video games, absolutely loves it, so much that I have often worried about him. In moderation, he seems to be fine with it, but having free range doesn't work for him, it affects his mood and ability to control his temper afterwards, not to mention that he would choose that over playing outside or playing with his sisters or friends.

Anyway, here is what the carrot is: he earns time on the Wii by reading books. He enjoys reading anyway, so it's not a torture for him...but he has to read a book to earn a few hours. If he wants more time, then he needs to go and read more. A short book, such as the Magic Tree House series, only earn him one hour. The much longer novels, like Silverwing, earn him an afternoon, which we cut up in blocks of two hours maximum.

We started this at the beginning of July and it has worked well for us so far. I have an ongoing list of the books he has read and that he is currently reading at the top of my blog.

Do you ever use carrots??


  1. What a brilliant idea xx mind if i pinch it xx

  2. Great idea, and yes I've used plenty of carrots before. Using one right now with Colton. He isnt' reading anymore and that bothers me - so even though I" not the nanny anymore we have set up a system and his current chosen reward is treats of his own choice.

  3. I dont have one to try taht with, but I sue am going to suggest it to a friend who has 5 and 9 year old Grandsons who live on their DS and she hates it
    Its a splendid Idea

  4. What a brilliant idea, may I copy it too please. I have 2 gaming addicts in my house but strictly only on the weekends when reading falls by the wayside.


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