Last week of Wreck this Journal

This is the last Friday for the book club of Wreck this Journal at the Next Chapter, hosted by the wonderful Jamie Riddler...I think all of us wreckers are sad today to see it end but the good news is, we'll find out today what the next book is, and that we can continue on with the wreckage on our own!!

Here are a few pictures for this last week:

Wreck this journal ~ last week

We did two very short videos this morning, first is dropping the journal from our kitchen door to the backyard and the second is Celeste swinging the journal wildly and letting it hit the walls! Fun start of the day!!

If you are interested in seeing all the wreckage my family and I had fun doing these past two months check out : my wrecking posts!.

The creativity through wrecking is amazing to see. You can check out all the other wreckers at Next Chapter book club: Wreck this Journal book club.

So...what did I take away from spending the last 2 months wrecking this journal??

For me, it has been all about fun and letting my creativity out to play! That wrecking, as silly as it was, reminded me how important it is to take the time for myself to create, let my silliness come out, and to share that side of me with my kids (and even the neighborhood kids!). I also want to make sure that I keep going, by keeping an art journal. I am hoping to keep my word and be able to share with you bits of it over the coming months.

Finally, if you are one of the happy wreckers, just want to say one last hello and how fun it was to visit all your blogs each friday and see your wonderful creativity. Thank you, you were all inspiring!


  1. My worry is that now we've finished wrecking... what are the kids going to wreck next????

  2. That was great. She is adorable.

  3. Great video!! Having interaction with WTJ has been one of teh highlights

    been fun getting to know you

  4. love your artwork and creativity with your journal! I also try to incorporate things I like or some of my favorite things....I LOVE PEANUTS and I see you have some of that in your journal so thanks for another inspiration! :)

  5. I let ingrid fingerpaint on a page with yogurt. She thought that was pretty cool. This book is great :)

  6. My kids helped me with the wrecking too! And then yesterday I was painting fabric and youngest asked if she could join in. So, I think the kids will just want to continue to do whatever Mom is doing! All so fun!

  7. I adore your cover!

    And my understanding is, the kids will find something else to wreck, no problem! Only make sure MOM keeps wrecking, which I know she will ;)

  8. Alex...I am a happy wrecker and I want to say
    Wreck on!!!! This has been a blast!

  9. love your wrecking capabilities. who knew we had it in us?! i enjoyed sharing the wrecking journey with you!

  10. Thanks for sharing this incredible journey! Great wreckage.

  11. That Snoopy is fun. :) Great wreckage!

  12. I let out a little hoot when I saw you toss the journal out the door. I don't know why it struck me so funny. It was so fun seeing your daughter pick up the journal to see immediately how it fared. Too cute.

    It's been fun meeting you this summer!
    Kristin - The Goat

  13. Wonderful! What a beauty your journal is and it was awesome to see those videos. What a great throw!

    It's been a joy to be on this adventure together. I look forward to sharing the next one as well :)


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