at the park

We have had Orion, our husky puppy, for over one month now.

We all have fallen in love and help take care of him. I am glad we waited until Celeste was five, because she can even help out and take him outside when needed.

Orion has started obedience classes and had lots to say during the first meeting! We have been doing our homework every day with him and he is learning fast.
Having had huskies before, I can't help but compare him to our other two, Orion is much more calmer than Alika and Naomi ever were. He listens better too, but then it might have to do with us too :)

I take him for two long walks every day, one in the morning around 6 and again in the evening. Each walk is at least 45 minutes, the evening one is usually longer and the kids come with me.

We really enjoy walking along one particular path, near the train tracks and the farmer fields. Here are a few photos I took last night from our walk..I even used one of my favourites pics for a new banner to this blog. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

from our walks with Orion

farm fields


walking the dog

my goofy kids


  1. Simply adorable kids and pet! Long walks are so calming and enriched with so many sweet ideas!

  2. Orion is a cutie! Beautiful photos!


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