Spring Blooms Mini-Quilt Swap ~ It's here!!

All the way from Australia (Adrienne's favourite country) and it's beautiful!!!

I have to leave these photos in large because this quilt is just absolutely gorgeous. Tracey (my swap partner) even sent a great Australian Home Sewn magazine with it! I am so spoiled!

Spring Mini Quilt has arrived!!!

and...look how perfect it goes with the green in my daughters' room!

it's here! my gorgeous spring blooms mini quilt

Adrienne loves it! She keeps asking me if she can participate in the next swap!

mini spring blooms mini quilt
Tracey, if you are reading this...I can't say thank you enough!!!


  1. Wow. That is really beautiful!

  2. It certainly does look perfect against that green wall! I'm so pleased that you like it.


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