Wreck this journal - week 5

Another great week of wrecking!

I decided to try out vlogging and show myself...which was a stretch because I am so much more comfortable behind the camera.

If you listen to my video and have a suggestion or answer for me, please leave it in the comments. Thank you :)

I added the photos of my pages below too, in case you can't make them out in the vlog or that you bypass it!

WTJ week 5

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I added on the left side a list of my wrecking posts, just below the Next Chapter Wreck this Journal button.


  1. Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts a book
    Art Chix http://www.artchixstudio.com/ they sell mixed media supplies but also have tutorial pages.

    Congrats on your first vlog ~ it's wonderful, and you are adorable!

    I love your white flowers so much. I could live in that page.

    And who did you steal all those stickers from? Your poor kids, lol? Meanwhile, I gotta get me some penpals from other countries, all my stamps are so boringgggzzzzz! Pretty pretty pages.

  2. That was a great vlog. I shouted out "me too" about the mixed media stuff! I've had a real week of experimentation with different creative projects and even posted a message on the noticeboard at work for old style/house/garden magazines that I can rip up and make things with! I've got a couple of books that cover mixed media among other stuff:
    Artist Trading Card workshop by Bernie Berlin
    The decorated journal by Gwen Diehn
    I got them here in the UK but I'm sure you can get them through Amazon.

  3. Love the white page, the stamps, stickers, magazine page ... you go! Happy wrecking!

  4. And I was visiting one of my regular haunts and saw that this artist is planning some online workshops - including mixed media!
    http://sujati.blogspot.com/ (tell her I sent you!!)

  5. Great video and pages! http://www.joggles.com/onlineclasses.htm has many classes and some are mixed media. And http://twocreativestudios.com/classes_demand.htm has mixed media classes and also free downloadable pages of projects.

  6. Wonderful job with the video and pages!!

    Claudine Hellmuth has a couple books with introductory mixed media projects that I think are a great place to start exploring! And you can always just starting playing and experimenting! :-)

  7. Hi Alex
    Loved your vlog and all your creative/wrecking pages. I find that I don't so much wreck as I have fun and just do.

    Jamie has paired us for sharing our fav. page.
    my email is

  8. This looks like way too much fun. perhaps I'll have to join in. I also know Cassidy would love it - so perhaps a gift coming her way would be a nice treat for her.

  9. That was great, you were very creative. And must have had lots of fun. This is my first week so I look forward to seeing your next adventure.

  10. Absolutely love your white page and great vlogging! Happy wrecking!! :)

  11. This is exhilarating! So full of color and creativity and fun! :) Love the stamps!

  12. Great! I love your white page. Happy Wrecking!

  13. Great job ALex!!! The kids are enjoying seeing this, I am ordering one for them.

  14. Loved your vlog..great job. I too prefer to hide behind the camera. Just wanted to tell you too there are some really good online mixed media art sites on ning, some offer classes. here are the ones I love: 1) Suziblu.ning.com (she offers classes and is great for learning how to layer backgrounds)2)willowing.ning.com (she has a good site too and offers some good classes on art journaling)3)Milliande.ning.com (she has alot to offer on her site.many groups to join. it's all free) These sites are also great for meeting other mixed media and art journaler's too. I've made some wonderful friendships there. Also type mixed media in a amazon book search there are tons of great books as well..hope this helps. happy wrecking!! Kelley

  15. I did my very first vlog this week too!!(well - Friday) I rarely post my picture and I don't think I've ever recorded my voice either -- so this was a giant step. There's something about this group of wreckers that just draws us out of our comfort zones!

    You acted and sounded like you've been doing it for years :) great job! Your white page - genius! love it. I think I, too, need to find some pen pals as someone else commented lol

    Have a great week!
    Kristin - The Goat


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