Wreck this journal ~ Week 6

Another great week of wrecking!

I ended up painting over my white flowers page with white paint mixed with a little silver sparkles, and I started outlining some of the flowers with a pencil:

july10 014

I used my daughters Barbie fashion kit to do some rubbings!

july10 011

Here are a few more pages from this week:
my sign says "WELCOME", writing and drawing with my left hand, tracing my hand. I started adding a few things to the office supplies page, and my fruit stickers page is almost full. The last one in this group is the colour the entire page one, I felt like doing a collage instead of colouring, a bit of a rainbow!

WTJ week 5

I spilled my iced coffee on this page, using a straw. I was surprised it wasn't a bit darker on the page, since I drink my coffee dark.

july10 008

I just couldn't leave this page completely blank...

july10 007

I enjoyed doing this one:

july10 009

Last picture! I sent away my favourite page to a fellow wrecker and can see that she already received it (see it here)!

july10 001

You can visit the Next Chapter book club to see all the other wreckers here.

If you would like to see my other posts and the progress of my wrecking click here!


  1. HA! I LOVE the Barbie rubbings...what a great idea! I know what you mean about not being able to keep the blank page BLANK! I want to do something to mine too! Funny...when the journal started I was THANKFUL I had a page in there that said to KEEP BLANK on purpose. NOW I want to do something to it!

  2. Aw, the barbie toy reminds of something similar I had when I was a girl. I really used to love that. Great idea for the blank page - it really was crying out for something wasn't it!

  3. You did an awesome job. I love your creativity. Thanks for stopping by. See ya next week.

  4. So love the white page and the barbie rubbings. Paint splatter came out great too. Heck,, I like it all, let's face it!

  5. Such great wrecking Alex.
    Fun way to do the rubbings. Love the "blank" page.
    Everyone is coming up with such good ideas to interpret the pages.
    Take care.

  6. Ooooooooooo, I like how the white page turned out! I know what you mean about the coffee - I wound up using coffee grounds & still didn't get it as dark as I wanted.

  7. I love your pages!!!!
    They are artfully wrecked!
    :-) Yay!

  8. I loved the white page last week and I love it even more now. So cool!! The left hand page is so good, too. I find several things of yours each week that inspires me. Thanks!

  9. I like the whitefloral page last post .. and now I think its stunning

  10. Such creative wreckage!

    I especially love the white flower and the rubbings pages! Fantastic! :)

  11. Nice wrecking! I'm getting some ideas to use for the next time. :):) Barbies look great.:)


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