Wreck this journal - week 8

Another great week of wrecking! This has been so much fun to do with my kids (and the neighborhood kids) these last few weeks. Here is the wrecking this week:
The handprint page, all the kids took turns covering their fingers with markers and pressing them down on the right page and I did my handprint on the left, later on with paint.
wtj week 8 handprints

This is another page done with the kids on the street, a few ugly drawings, mostly barf, and poo! Oh and one bird!

wtj week 8 ugly drawings

I ended up doodling on this page while watching a movie, because I just never remembered to grab this page while I was on the phone!

wtj week 8 envelope

My fruit sticker page is pretty much done:

wtj week 8 fruit stickers

I don't read the newspaper, so this is from the flyers we get once a week:

wtj week 8 newspaper

Tracing the things in my purse, pretty practical stuff...

wtj week 8 in my purse

These are prints from strawberries and cherries:

wtj week 8 veggie/fruit prints

This page is a work in progress, collecting things I find outside or in the house:

wtj week 8 found things

This page is for negative comments. I wasn't sure what to write at first, but then it just started coming out of me..I guess this page could be a type of therapy. These are some of the comments that my mother told me over and over while I was growing up...

wtj week 8 negative comments

Back to fun stuff...Writing backwards!!
A couple of the kids on the street wanting to try writing their names backward, so the right page is theirs, and the left is mine.

wtj week 8 backward

How was your wrecking this week?

Don't forget to check all the wrecking gone on at The Next Chapter!


  1. Lots of fun stuff. It's wonderful to see all of the handprints. Wow, the kids must all think you are the COOLEST!

  2. I love the hand prints too! AND you have a ton of fruit stickers!

  3. What a great thing to do and it seem like soooo much fun!!! You walk in your creativity and that is such a gift!!!

  4. Lots of fun wrecking. You need to write on your negative page a few rebuttals. Like "Not! I am awesome And wonderful. I can do any thing I want. Cause I am me, and perfect the way I am."
    And Grammy said

    You are awesome! Happy wrecking.

  5. I agree with Grammy! Write some rebuttals on that page - and I will do the same on mine!
    What fun you are having with the kids! That is just great!

  6. While it was my intention to keep my journal wrecking to myself, like you, I have had help from others. I leave my journal on my kitchen table where others have helped themselves in wrecking it. They never tell me about it, I just happen to stumble upon it. It has been a great source of laughter.

  7. Thanks for visiting my page during the wreckage! I love your banner photo for the blog and I love your doodle page, especially!

    What a fun thing to do with kids! I have given a couple of copies to friends of mine as projects to do with their kids this summer. :)

    Keep on wrecking!

  8. I had some interactive wrecking, too. I went home and had my 5 year old niece help me. Your neighborhood kids LOVED hanging out with you - I can tell. How fun.

    I've really enjoyed the random things page - I keep sticking things on that page, too, even though I think it's done LOL

    Can't wait to see your final week!

  9. I SO related to the negative comments page - and since I have the same, it made me want to get ahold of that page and totally rebut ALL of it for you. Then I saw Grammy's comment ... go for it!

    If you need help, just ask the neighbors and their kids if you don't rock and aren't the best ever!

    I love that doodle. I am also fond of the poo and barfing too!

  10. You inspired me to get this book and I have been having the strangest kind of fun wrecking my journal! It's fun to see how you and the kids are wrecking yours!


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