a new beginning

**This post is imported from an old personal blog I had. I am slowly combining all blogs into one. 

favourite morning walk path ~ july 2009

I am so glad you came to visit me in my little corner. Create corner is my spot for all things creative.

After finishing the
excellent adventure of Wreck this Journal, I decided to split my main blog into two separate ones. Serendipity is still my home, but more for the family and homeschool stuff.

I am creating this new blog to keep all my creative work in one spot and all my links too. Because through the wrecking that I did this summer, I have learned how important it is for me to be creative.
It is so important, like water and air.
I have always enjoyed looking at art, on the internet or in the real world, but I know now that is not enough.
I need to do it, get messy, get right into it.
I need to let my creative juices flow. I am not too picky, being creative for me could be playing with fabrics, trying to plan a new quilt, or sewing it together, adding a bit of embroidery to something, using my kids' colouring markers or pencils to doodle, playing with my camera, creating mandalas or zendalas, painting with watercolour pencils...I am not too picky! I enjoy many different creative outlets.
The point is that I need it.
This coming school year will be a great adventure for my kids and I as we resume our homeschooling experience and I am really looking forward to that. Last year, while they were trying out public school, I had a lot of time on my hands, time to reflect. I learned that I had given myself completely to homeschooling the previous 3 years. Which is wonderful, I am not regretting that. But when last September came around, and the kids climbed in the big yellow bus, I had no idea what to do. I was lost. It took several weeks for me to feel fine. To find things that I wanted to do. So many personal interests that I had put on hold while I concentrated on my children.
I have learned that I can't be a good example if I continue to do that. There has to be a balance. My children love to see what I can do, not just for them, but for myself. My children will come first, and especially their education, but I am making time for myself. Just as it is important for me to take the time to jog or walk every day and watch what I eat, it is just as vital for me to take time to explore my creativity.

I hope you enjoy my new little corner, and that you come back to visit often. You can visit some awesome places by looking at the right side of the blog where all the blogs I enjoy visiting are listed.

Don't forget to drop me a line to say hello! I ♥ comments.


  1. Congratulations Alex!!! It's so exciting to start a new blog!! Fun! Fun! Fun!!

    Plus--it is so super cool that you are a homeschool mama!!! For years, when I lived in Cleveland I taught art to homeschoolers...and by far these were the coolest kids I've ever met.

    I look forwarding to witnessing your creativity unfold!

    Peace & Love.

  2. will look forward to following your new blog xx exciting x

  3. What a wonderful, thoughtfully written post. Like you, I found that I MUST do something creative in order to be me, to be happy (and a happy mom is so much better for the entire family).


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