Book Sharing Monday

We are continuing our study on the oceans and I wanted to share this particular book with you today. "The Voyager's Stone: The Adventures of a Message-Carrying Bottle Adrift on the Ocean Sea" is written by Robert Kraske and illustrated by Brian Floca. It is a work of fiction, but has so many pockets of information about the ocean, that it was perfect for our study. This is a long picture book, so it appealed more to my 2 older children (10 & 12 yr old) than to my 5 yr old.

The story is of the message-carrying bottle making its voyage from the Caribbean where it first started its journey, sent by a young boy while on his vacation.

If you enjoyed reading Paddle-to-the-Sea, you will appreciate this one I think too.

"All that afternoon, the bottle called Voyager drifted in shallow water near the island. A small squid came to investigate. It extended a fifteen-inch-long arm and touched the bottle's neck. The bottle slid down a wave, and the startled squid jetted away, its arms trailing behind."

We have so many participants now to Book Sharing Monday! Welcome everyone! I am so glad to see my little idea grow every week!


  1. I;m passing along the MeME award to you.. thanks for your generous daily sharing

  2. What an amzing book. I love the whole idea of the story and the pictures. It's probably a bit long for my two boys but since my eldest boy is a complete ocean boy I'm sure this will eventually hit the book list.


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