DQS7 finished!

I am ready to send this little quilt to my secret partner. She mentioned liking bright colours, so I hope she will enjoy this one. Even though it's not what I would prefer, I did enjoy making this little quilt. It's about 15 x 15 inches and the bird fabric has some gold in it that is hard to see on the photo. All fabrics came from my stash, the blue and green ones from Adrienne's butterfly quilt and the bird one was given to me by one of my aunts, from her stash.

DQS7 ~ ready to send!

DQS7 is a group on flickr who organizes this swap. There are over 500 members in it! This is my second swap with this group. I am not sure how many signed up for this round of swap, but there are many creative and beautiful quilts being made for this project. Check them out here.