Our plans for 2009-2010

We started our school year at the beginning of August, since we'll be away in September. I am also getting them to finish a few things they had started last year, before attending public school..a good review for them, a good way to ease back into our homeschool routine, and for me to see again where they are at.

Here is my 2009-2010 school year plan. My focus has always been on math and language arts.

Adrienne is in grade 7, Andre grade 5, and Celeste SK this year, but these are rough guidelines. I think it will be easier to see if I sort by subject, so here we go:


Adrienne is finishing her Pet Store Math, then will move on to Teaching Textbooks 7

Andre is finishing his Singapore Math from last year, in 3A, then will move on to 3B, and 4 after that

Celeste is doing fun math right now, mostly unstructured stuff and games, but I did order Singapore Early Bird for her.


Adrienne and Andre will practice reading aloud from selections in Elson Readers and the Blue Fairy or Orange Fairy Books. The Elson Readers include questions at the end of each story too, for comprehension, we'll do those orally.

I am also writing a list of novels/chapter books for Adrienne and Andre to go through the year, might focus on one author per month.

Celeste and I are using The Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, 1 lesson per day for learning how to read, and also working through a book called Picture Book Activities by Trish Kuffner (fun and games based on 50 favourite children's books)


Adrienne and Andre : Sequential Spelling

On fridays, spelling games (bananagrams, scrabble..)

Handwriting and Writing:

Celeste : tracing/handwriting practice sheets off the internet, then on to Italics A

Andre: Italics D

for writing, I haven't picked a program yet

Adrienne: cursive writing with Happy Scribe copybooks

for writing, I haven't picked a program yet, but her History includes Writing.


Adrienne and Andre use Growing with Grammar


Adrienne : History Odyssey Middle Ages

Andre: Story of the World 2

Geography/Canadian History:

I put together a Canadian Geography Unit Study that we are working through this year. We'll be doing this one together.

Once our Canadian geography unit is finished, we will study Canadian history by following this read aloud schedule.


We'll be studying chemistry and ecology this year, using unit studies from here and here.


All 4 of us (kids and I) will be working through Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes

We all love to create art, so there will be lots of art adventures too :)

It might seem like a lot, but not everything is done daily. Only Math, Grammar and Handwriting is done every day.

We also don't follow a Monday-Friday schedule, since my husband works retail, which means we might take a Tuesday off if he is home, but then do our schoolwork on a Saturday or Sunday when he is at work. It is nice to be flexible that way. Everyone should find what works best for them in the end, whether it is for curriculum or schedule!