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Orion - ready for his walk

I just discovered podcasts a few days ago.

You might be wondering why I added a photo of Orion with this post, but it is related to the podcasts!
I walk our puppy every morning and every evening, for close to one hour each time. Most of the time I am by myself with him, and so I have gotten into the habit of bringing Adrienne's ipod with me and listening to music.

I noticed a few days ago a series of podcasts on Harmony Fine Arts blog, downloaded it and listened during one of our walks. I also found out about Creative Mom Podcasts. I enjoyed both, but I thought, there has to be a lot more to choose from out there!

I am curious and interested in finding out what your favourite podcasts are and if you can share some links for podcasts about home schooling, teaching our children, or being creative...anything that is interesting really! Maybe there is a podcast about history or science that you would recommend..

About music..I haven't really thought much about music for myself over the last few years. I have given more focus to the music that my children listen to and to music connected to our homeschooling (classical music for example).

I have tried the free selections from Starbucks, those little cards with a code for a free download on itunes. Some of them have been nice surprises. I have never been too picky with music, even growing up, I enjoyed a wide variety of music, but I just haven't given much thought about it over the last decade!

Again, I am curious to know what is on your mp3 player? What do you enjoy listening to, just for yourself?


  1. My husband listens to podcasts all the time but he likes listening to scientific ones. I would also be curious to hear what other people say.

    I love listening to music. I listen to my iPod when I mow the lawn and when I go running. My running music is more upbeat than my mowing-the-lawn music. I also take my iPod when I go grocery shopping too.


  2. I still don't have an Ipod, but have been looking at getting one just recently. When we go camping there is no radio service for 100s and 100s of miles and having something to listen to would be great for us. Can you get podcasts of books for kids eg Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings?

  3. I love the podcasts on the CBC website, particularly 'Quirks and Quarks' (the CBC science show). My 8 year old can follow along (with questions) so they'd work both for you and your your two older kids.

    For just me, the CBC podcasts of 'Ideas' (Paul Kennedy) are amazing, and since they're broken into 1 hour segments they'd be great for dog walking :) Check the archives for the Massey lectures - Stephen Lewis's talk about AIDS in Africa was amazing, and Margaret Atwood's discussion last year about debt was really eye opening and timely.


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