Book Sharing Monday

Book Sharing Monday is back! I have selected a book about the Autumn Equinox, which was just last Tuesday, September 22.

"The Autumn Equinox: Celebrating the Harvest" is written by Ellen Jackson, illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis. It is a very informative book about the rituals surrounding the coming of fall and the celebrations of harvest, throughout history and the world.

"Long ago, the Chinese relied on the movement of the phases of the moon to tell them when planting and harvesting should begin. The Chinese called the moon the Queen of Heaven, and they celebrated her birthday soon after the autumn equinox. To prepare for this holiday, special birthday cakes, round as the moon, were baked from the newly harvested rice."


  1. Ahh! I just got this book out of the library today! Too cool!

  2. I'm adding all these books on Halloween to our library list for this week! Thank you for sharing them.

  3. ". . . special birthday cakes, round as the moon . . ." boy do i love the sound of that line~!!~



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