Our Vacation

Our vacation was perfect. The weather was almost perfect, only had rough seas the first night on the cruise and heavy rains on our drive back home.
I took over 300 photos, so it was difficult to choose just a few to share! I created a slideshow that you can visit by clicking on the link below:

The Disney Wonder is a wonderful cruise ship for families. Lots of fun activities for the kids, and quiet (if you want it) for the adults. To be honest, whenever our kids were busy having fun in their programs, my husband and I didn't really know what to do! We're just not used to it! We did enjoy some quiet moments by the swimming pool and walks on the beach at Castaway Cay.
Castaway Cay is Disney's private island in the Bahamas and it's my favourite place to be. We wondered if anyone would noticed if we "accidentally" missed the boarding call at the end of the day...The boys went snorkeling together for the first time, and Andre loved it. The kids and I participated in a crab race. We chose our crab's name and cheered him on as 8 crabs raced to the finish line! Lots of fun stuff..We kept away from the high heat in the early afternoons by visiting the movie theatre on board, seeing Up and G-Force for the first time, both in 3D.

We were up late every night..a pirate party one night, followed by a viewing on the top deck's huge TV screen of the Pirates of the Carribean movie, another night was a first..watching the soon to be released blue-ray version of Snow White, seen outside, top deck, under the stars..another night was a Broadway-style show..

We also lucked out with our dinner mates, we were paired up with another family, with 3 children from Texas, and had great dinner conversations!

So much fun on board the Wonder, my post could go on and on about all that we did!

The other half of our vacation was a stay at another Disney property, this one on the Atlantic coast of Florida, in Vero Beach.
Vero Beach is a beautiful, relaxing spot, with still lots of fun stuff to do with the kids. A great pool with water slide, mini-golf, a small splash-pad, and of course the beach!

I took part in a beach clean-up, picking up garbage as part of the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup. I was the only guest that showed up for this activity, which I thought was sad, but I really enjoyed spending the time to help out with the resort staff.

I also went on a nature beach walk where I witnessed the Disney Animal protection people (can't remember their title!) dig up an empty sea turtle nest. They do this after they know the eggs have hatched to count the eggs and log the information with the state of Florida. That nest had 128 eggs! Only 3 were unfertilized, all the rest had hatched! It was amazing to see.

During both of these early morning activities, my kids were catching up on sleep! We had many late nights on the cruise!!

We spend one day with my husband's grandfather, his wife, and grandaughter, and my husband's aunt also came up. They all live in Florida and it was so great to see them and spend the day together.


  1. The slide show is a great idea. I like Minnie Mouse's sailor costume! Glad to know that all of you had such a wonderful time.


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