Outdoor Hour Challenge ~ Autumn Series # 1 ~ Cattails


We are continuing with the Outdoor Challenge, the Autumn Series started while we were away, so we are catching up!
The first one is about cattails. I honestly didn't know if there were cattails within walking distance from our house, so I asked Andre if he had seen any while playing outside. I was surprised when he said "yes!", he told me they were near the fort that they had made and played around last year, which is just by the farmer's field near our house. He offered to take us there :)
Adrienne took charge of filling out the information for our nature journal, and I took pictures.
There wasn't any water at the foot of the cattails, but the ground appeared damp. It was a small patch, growing in a ditch, next to the farmer's field.
We observed how some cattails were in the process of changing, some were deep brown while others were lighter brown, and some almost white.
We took two cattails home to dissect. We broke apart the cattails and found all the soft seeds. Adrienne suggested the seeds would make a very confortable pillow in a fairy house...


  1. Kids always know where the cattails are. :)

    Your cattail spikes are so long! I never realized that they had so many different textures before doing our study this week. Really interesting stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your cattail study.
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. I love it! We haven't been able to find any cattails except some growing along the road but it is not a safe spot to stop. :-(


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