Outdoor Hour Challenge ~ Autumn Series ~ Fall Tree Study

our baby birchbirch leafcatkin from our birch

We chose to study the new birch tree that we planted this summer in our front yard for this challenge. We will observe this tree over the next year, at each season. This birch tree is quite small right now, but we have big hopes that it will grow big and tall!
We decided to include its height on our nature journal page (6 ft 4 in.).
Over the next year, we will discover more facts about this beautiful tree and share what we find here.


  1. We have birch trees in our backyard and they are a great tree to study for the year. I love the catkins this time of year. We have birds that hang upside down on the branches to peck at the catkins.

    I look forward to watching your tree's progress.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. We have bizarre trees here. I don't know what they are (yet), but their leaves (one with smooth, fan-shaped leaves; the other with leaves larger than my head) are falling...

    Soon your birch will be bare for winter!

  3. Hey Alex...nice to meet you, I'm Sarah from the East Coast of Victoria, Australia! I followed your blog from Keri's! Cool pictures here! xxx

  4. I think it's a great idea to follow the height of your tree!

  5. What a great tree to study! I'm disappointed that all 3 of our trees have leaves that are up so high we can't reach them! I'm still planning on starting our study, but haven't yet. Loved seeing your 'baby' tree!

  6. We will be studying a sapling in our yard, too: weeping mulberry. I think it will be interesting to see how much it grows in a year.

  7. We are studying a maple, first one we've ever had in our yard, it's about as big as your tree there. Great post and I look forward to seeing your other Autumn studies.


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