Road Trip!

We will soon be leaving for a long road trip. We are driving from our home in Ontario to Florida. It takes about 20 hours one way. Whenever we go on vacation, we usually drive, so our children are used to the long distances. And I usually bring a few things to keep them occupied in the car. This time, this is what I am planning:

~ I reserved a couple of Harry Potter books on cds from the library to listen to in the car. Last road trip, we all enjoyed listening to Inkheart and the Narnia series.
~ I am bringing a few small notebooks to journal or doodle in, for myself and the kids. Little notebooks will be a good size for the kids with pencils, colouring pencils, and markers. For myself, I started a new art journal, after finishing the Wreck this Journal project, so I will be bringing that one along with a few micro pigment ink pens.
~ We have 2 felt books with many felt pieces that the girls love playing with, and we will be bringing our Guess Who travel game too.
~ We found a couple of fun sticker books (from Usborne) that will keep all 3 kids busy with their hands too :)
~ Another fun find was the Holiday Doodles cards (also from Usborne) that has many different write on/wipe off activity cards like mazes, finishing the doodles, decorating things...
We are starting to pack for our trip, part of it will be spent in Florida on the Atlantic coast, the other part of our vacation will be spent on the Disney Cruise and we had to choose a few of our "dressier" clothes...a difficult task somewhat because we don't usually dress up! But we managed! We will be packing the rest of our suitcases next week. The pink suitcase is Adrienne's, a wonderful and useful gift from her Nana.
We are all getting very excited and counting down the days!!!


  1. I love road trips! We're planning one for the first week of Oct. through northern CA. DH said once, "The best part of the vacation, is planning the vacation." Enjoy!

  2. Sounds fun. We have a ton of Usborne books. I think they are fantastic books and more importantly, my kids love them!

    Enjoy your vacation,

  3. i'm thinking that with all of the great road trip activities that you have planned you may not actually want to arrive at a destination~!~
    so glad to hear that you are art journaling~!~it becomes such a lovely (and usually less formal) way of keeping track of the days~!!~


    p.s. enjoy the vacation and be safe~!~

  4. Have fun and I can't wait to see your pics.

  5. Thanks for some great travelling activites. We're planning on spending a year travelling around Australia so I need as many travel tips as possible. Have a safe and fun-filled trip.

  6. Oh my goodness! You are a brave soul for taking that kind of a roadtrip! And I thought my mother was risky for taking me and my brother to Colorado (10 hours) when we were little. But you seem very well stocked. I remember getting one Boxcar children book and one small toy (crayons or silly putty type) each day of the trip. That was almost two decades ago, and its still a great memory of mine :)


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