Book Sharing Monday

I am sharing a novel today, instead of a picture book. Artemis Fowl is the first book in the Artemis Fowl series, written by Eoin Colfer. Artemis Fowl is a 12 year old genius, but a criminal at the same time. He ends up kidnapping a fairy and steel something very valuable... I read this book to know what the series was all about and see if it would interest my children. I finished it in two days, and picked up the next two in the series at the library. It is a fun and magical adventure. The New York Post quote on the back of the book reads "A new thriller fairy tale that will grab your interest, no matter what your age" and that is how I felt about the book.

Adrienne is now reading it and enjoying it as well.

There is website you can visit : Artemis Fowl .

The fairy people have their own language and symbols that of course Artemis successfully decodes. The book has some of these symbols on the bottow of every single page with instructions on the copyright page that reads : "Can you crack the code? The code that runs along the bottom of the book has been specially created by the author. Readers can crack the code to reveal the secret message." (see photo below).


  1. Do you think this book is appropriate for a 7-year-old, or perhaps better to hold off on for a couple of years? It looks very interesting and I wonder of my son might enjoy it... I'm going to flip through it if our library has it.


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