Do you eat local (Canadian) ?


  1. this was an excellent video
    thanks so much for posting it!!!!
    great timing too, right around fall harvest.
    yesterday, we volunteered on a local organic farm and harvested squash, pumpkins, potatoes and gourds. we were then able to share in the abundance of the harvest. food straight from the farm does taste better! taking part in helping on the farm, opens my eyes to what is involved and keeps me motivated to support local farmers also. it is staggering to me the amount of imported food we have at the grocery store...eek
    eat well, eat canadian!!! happy harvest and thanksgiving!

  2. A very nice video! Very timely since my family recently started the 100 Mile Diet. It's not easy and there is most likely going to be some food we simply have to buy that can not be found here, at least over winter, but knowing where my food is coming from is a great feeling. Ontario is one of the best places by way of local food choices. We even have maple syrup and honey, two of the best sweeteners!

    I think more and more of us Canadians are beginning to think about how local our food is. Everyone should hit the farmer's market this weekend!

  3. That's a great video.

    You know, just last night I was at Loblaws and I picked up a bunch of fresh rosemary (which I normally grow in a pot in the kitchen but I needed a big bunch) and it was labelled 'grown in Chile'. I understand why we have to import coffee and pineapple but rosemary?


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