Outdoor Hour Challenge ~ Autumn Series ~ Pumpkins

For our study on pumpkins, we went to the pumpkin patch. We brought home a couple of pumpkins and a few gourds. The kids and I would like to try growing gourds in our garden next year, and maybe a pumpkin too! We're going to save a few pumpkin seeds for that purpose.

Once we had the pumpkins at home, we decided to guess a few things..

how tall was our pumpkin

how heavy it was

its circumference

how many lines it had on the outside

how many seeds were inside

We all guessed and recorded our findings on a pumpkin data sheet (part of the teacher's guide from author Gail Gibbons site), then we measured and also cut open our pumpkin to take all the seeds out for counting.


  1. Look at all the stringy goodness! Loved reading your pumpkin entry. We try to grow pumpkins every year and sometimes they work out and sometimes they just get lots of vines but no fruit. :)

    Have a great week,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Great study! We have always wanted to grow pumpkins, too but have never succeeded. My boys didn't have the patience to count all the seeds in the pumpkin we studied lol.

  3. what a wonderful fall activity~!~ the photos reminded me of all of those years we made jack-o-lanterns with my daughter for halloween. her father was a master at cutting absolutely stunning designs into a given pumpkin. one year we tried roasting the seeds as a snack but maybe we did something wrong because we didn't really like them that much . . . or maybe we just prefer sunflower seeds . . .
    i tried growing pumpkins with no luck but will definately try again and gourds are a must for next years garden~!!~! just love the look of them and there are so many different varieties. i have a friend who made me a painted birdhouse from some that she grew and i recently seen a gourd used as a trick or treat dispenser that was painted so that it looked like a scary monster with the mouth for the opening. the art possibilities are always my main motivator ~lol~


  4. Good luck to you on growing pumpkins!!! My neighbor grows the best pumpkins and watermelons . . . I have a scattered brain and a black thumb.


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