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goldenrod nature study challenge

Following Barb's Outdoor Hour Challenge, we searched for goldenrods flowers and found some last night during our walk with Orion. We brought a small branch home and today, we decided to look for more. I read part of the Handbook of Nature Study's page on goldenrod, especially the part about the cities!
The kids thought they had seen goldenrods near their "fort" by the farmer's field. We took a walk after lunch, taking Orion along.
We found many goldenrods cities! We didn't notice all the insects at first on the goldenrods, only when we stopped for a couple of minutes and looked at them, then we saw all the visitors!

During our nature walk, we found some other interesting things (we didn't touch any of these)..

A dead mouse

dead mouse

What we think might be owl pellets (can anyone tell us if we are correct or not?):

owl pellets?

and a fuzzy catterpillar:


We saw lots of wasps too:

waspapple + wasps

Here are a few more photos from our nature walk (with some asters too, even more asters around us than goldenrods!)

nature study


  1. What a wonderful photo collage of your goldenrod...stunning. Look at all those insects on your goldenrod!

    I love that your children were able to tell you where to find the goldenrod too since that means they are making some of their own connections.

    A sure way to know if they are owl pellets is to dissect them. I know lots of families use that as a great nature study lesson.

    Great nature study this week. Thanks so much for sharing your outdoor time.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Hi! We visited your blog today. We found only a little bit of Goldenrod. We found two spiders and one beetle on our Goldenrod. It was nice to see what you guys found. Thanks for sharing.. We will have to get some pictures when we do the next one.

  3. Love your pictures! Thanks for the inspiring post :)

  4. Pretty goldenrod.
    I like the caterpillar too!


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